We are Guiding Architects Valencia.

At the moment, our website is getting a face-lift. You can visit our Guiding Architects page or contact us on info@ga-valencia.es

Welcome to Valencia!

Valencia is a place to enjoy, learn and relax. This roman city has been rediscovered in recent years, offering white beaches, a unique old town and a friendly climate throughout the year. After several modifications in its appearance, Valencia is now an amazing capital for its modernity and history.

Architecture Tours

GA-Valencia organizes specialized tours both in Valencia and the surrounding area with architecture and urbanism as a guideline to understand its social and cultural life.

We are architects

We live, enjoy and practice architecture in Valencia. We offer first-hand information and open doors in order that your stay is an unforgettable experience. We deal with all aspects of logistics: transportation, visits to monuments and buildings, and all things related to the gastronomy. We speak German, English, French, Spanish and our local language, Valencian.